Red String of Fate B.1

Here is an excerpt from one of the many stories I never finish…

I don’t own this photo, I got it from Pinterest.

Lenus stood amongst hundreds of corpses, dressed in my colors. Blood coated him and he was breathing hard, grasping tightly to his sword. His grey eyes were more soft than I had ever seen them, but only for a moment before the bloodlust returns. I realize we are standing against each other, my bow is drawn and ready, one step and I will fire. A normal arrow would not harm a god, but the arrows of the Queen, were far from normal. I realized how exhausted I was, but my resolve was strong. Surely, Lenus had done something truly awful for us to meet in this place. Could the incident that had destroyed our friendship as kids have finally surfaced?

There is something else, something, sinister. It thunders in the air and fear sinks my heart as the ground vibrates.


No, it was, knocking.