This blog is not meant to be shared amongst those I actually know. At times my heart caves in my chest with unknown feelings, desire, fear, stress, love, kindness, spite. Writing almost immediately alleviates those feelings. My dreams are dark and demented. Normally I cannot express them as they really are, but some are interesting enough and more or less sensible. I don’t care for an audience, or approval or to even be published. If you tried really hard you could find my actual accounts, but that’s a lot of work for nothing too exciting. I assure you I am just average, it’s just that I don’t want some of the more risqué or dark writings to be associated with myself as I start to apply for jobs in the real world. If you do stumble upon this, leave a comment, a truth, a lie, you can even troll – if it makes you feel better.

This blog will not be prolific, that’s not the type of writer I am. I do hope you find something at least some form of interesting to you. Thank you.


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